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Buy my 'mould-breaking' book 'How to make an impact', published by FT Prentice Hall. It's a regular in Amazon's top books on 'communicating and presenting'. 

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"Every once in a while, simple ideas change business forever - this book is full of such ideas. A must-read"

CEO of FTSE 250 plc

"Essential reading for everyone in business"

Director of MBA Programme at Manchester Business School

"Mould breaking… unlikely you will have seen anything like them before… business reporting will never be the same again"

Chief Executive ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants)

"How to make an impact with presentations " - Nov 2011

In June 2011, I handed in the manuscript for my follow-up book, and both I and my publisher were fine with it... yet on 2nd November 2011, I pulled the plug. Here's why: I was assigned a new editor. You see, for five fantastic years, I had a great editor, but she left. When I met my new editor in August 2011, I sensed there would be trouble ahead... he told me that layout wasn't important and wouldn't help or hinder sales one bit(!?!?). As for his thoughts on paper prices, alternative layouts and more - well, let's move on.

For the next 10 weeks, we debated (i.e. argued). When I told him Presentations was number 2 in the Amazon business charts, he told me that pre-orders aren’t real sales, so the ranking doesn’t count… 

Eventually, I realised I couldn’t face chewing the cud more with him, and pulled the book. I also pulled the second edition of Impact (which was due out in 2012).

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