Jon Moon

Clarity and Impact

Election Bingo Cards

“Gordon’s Den... number ten. Up to tricks...forty six”

Click here for a 1-page pdf that has “Ballot Box Bingo” & “Stato Bingo”

Sick of hearing we need a new type of politics that takes tough decisions for the long term, yet ring fences our world-class front line services? Confused to hear we’re the world leader in one industry, yet grown 80% since 1997 in another?

To survive all the politicians’ clichés and statistics as we get closer to another general election, play two games based on the popular corporate game “Buzzword Bingo”.

First, there's “Ballot Box Bingo”, it'll have you hanging onto politicians' every word. And statistics will take on a new interest with “Stato Bingo”, a game I created by identifying Six Tricks the Chancellor used in his 2009 pre-budget report.

The attached pdf reveals the Six Tricks, plus has the two Bingo Cards. Print off, read and enjoy. And please remember: I’m not taking sides, I’m just trying to help us spot spin.

And if you like these games, click here and enter your details for “Info Bingo” and “Bullet Bingo”.

(Want bigger Cards? Want them in Microsoft Word? Click here.)