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Past emails

(July 2019 note: this page is work-in-progress)

I do about 10 emails a year, and have sent over 100. They include tips, something to mock, e.g. a dumb graph, etc. Below are click-throughs to some (and I've removed stuff that's no longer relevant, e.g. dates of my next public Course). Over time, I'll add more - and might create a Zip file of them all so you can download them in one go.

Each email can be read in less than five minutes.

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Board packs: are yours too big? Too rubbish?

Two consecutive emails looked at problems created by 'content' templates, i.e. ones that prescribe content (as opposed to 'format' templates that prescribe, say, fonts and colours).

Part 1 - why templates often make Board packs worse (ref 59)

Part 2 - how to avoid problems that templates create (ref 60)


Showing numbers: tables versus graphs

Two consecutive emails pondered this topic - and the first of the two has numerous tips for decent tables too.

Part 1 - results over time, i.e. trends (ref 52)

Part 2 - results at a point in time, e.g. a survey (ref 53)


Icons - why most are pointless (ref 63)

Rounding numbers - different ways to do it (ref 64)