Jon Moon

Clarity and Impact

On WiT

"Jon’s new approach (WiT) gives documents real clarity. It visually lifts ideas from the page and gives work a clean, slick look" Plain English Campaign

"Stunningly simple, yet mould-breaking. You’ll never look at a bullet point the same way" Michael Izza, Chief Executive ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)

“WiT is fantastic and ground-breaking" Gavin Duffy, a Dragon on Ireland's Dragons' Den. Click here for more on Gavin and for his full testimonial

"Simple ideas can change business forever. WiT is one such idea" Dominic Burke, Group CEO, JLT Group plc

"We use WiT when presenting to our clients' Managing Directors, and it's dramatically improved what we thought was unimprovable" Malcolm Durham, Chairman of City-based part-time CFO company FD Solutions

"Bullet points don’t give impact. WiT does" ‘Business Executive’ magazine, May 2008

"WiT will change forever your relationship with bullet points" ‘Student Accountant’ magazine, April 2008

"We’re using the ideas in Jon’s book – and in particular, his WiT – to really sharpen our internal and client facing presentations. If you’re serious about sharpening yours, get into WiT. It will take a little bit to retrain your old bad habits, but it is worth it. Highly recommended!" Kress Riley, Director of Operations, Accenture Supply Chain Academy,  Rochester, NY (USA)

"WiT is excellent" Jonathan Taub, Group Planning and Analysis Manager, Dealogic

And WiT is great for Annual Reports too...

"In 2008/09 we used ‘Words in Tables’ to help restructure our annual report to make it more succinct, interesting and dynamic. As a result our annual report was 20 pages shorter whilst still including all the main developments, statistics and stories of the year.  Feedback has been very positive, which has shown that people find it clearer, more user friendly and vibrant"  Carolyn Regan, Chief Executive, Legal Services Commission  (which is a "non-departmental government body" with about £2bn budget)

Click here for the Annual Report, there's lots of WiT on pages 10 to 23.

Note, of course, that WiT isn't just for big outfits like the Legal Services Commission. It's for smaller companies too, such as FD Solutions who use it on their internet site, and for Cashability who use it in their pdfs (click on the article titles alongside the lightbulbs)